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The Guardian Star Series

The Guardian Star's True Mark

She's a girl on the run. Her parents have sold her hand in marriage to a malicious man who is known for getting what he wants whenever he wants it. She feels her single hope is to run for her life with only her prayers to guide her. Her life has been one of lies, with a past far different from anything she ever imagined for herself. Now she must come to terms with her new identity on a ship that she feels can only bring her harm, from more directions than one. Is there no one she can trust? Not on this ship, for it is captained by the most hated pirate of all: The Black Panther.

He is a pirate, a rouge, a man of title, and the captain of the Guardian Star, the fastest ship on the ocean. He is on a quest to find the painting that will secure his inheritance and avenge his father's death. But to do that, he must defeat all odds and all his enemies, who are as numerous as the pirates both on and off the seas. The last thing he needs is the distraction of a lost girl reeking havoc  on his ship. He knows of her past, but her future is bringing him trouble he doesn't have time for.

They come from different parts of the land with very separate goals and ideals, yet God has marked them to travel together. Can they fulfill their goals without each other or will they end up needing on e another more than either can foresee? Only the true Guardian Star knows.

The Guardian Star's True Captain 

Her life's path was always laid out for her, but her sense of adventure is just too strong. Each year, she defies her parents to visit her sister on the other side of the country by traveling on Justin's pirate ship. But when her parents lay own an ultimatum to choose a husband or have one chosen for her, Dabria's stubbornness and pride could cost her everything.

His only goal in life is to be the most feared pirate on the ocean, as was his predecessor. That proves rather difficult when he has promised to take a young girl to see her sister every year. As he watches Dabria grow up on his ship, his life becomes more entwined with hers than he thought possible. But he refuses to give up his ultimate goal for anyone, especially the God she serves. He will always be master of his own life, that is until Dabria is kidnapped and suddenly, he's not in control at all.

They are worlds apart in every way, yet their journey together every year marks them in ways they do not understand. With separate passions and goals, can these two ever see eye to eye or will their differences in faith, love, and family tear them apart? They must decided to follow the true Guardian Star or lose each other forever.

Conlan's Choice (Ebook only)

Conlan walked into a party looking to sell his wares and walked out engaged. Breanna needs someone to keep her safe while her father attempts to stop the slavery trade. Conlan places Breanna where he hopes no one can find her and then abandons her there. Knowing the slavers are looking for her, he must find a way to stop e the trade on the high seas with the help of his friend, The Falconer, or risk losing Breanna forever.


Tristen's Time (Ebook only)
Tristen was a pirate until it became more lucrative to hunt down those he once claimed as his own. Now, he captures pirate ships and their crews and makes quite the living off it. Until a call comes from an old friend, The Falconer. Tristen rushes to his aid, only to come out of it with more than he bargained for - a ship full of freed slaves. Now, he must find homes for them all. But the bigger issue may be the slave girl, Asha. Now free, she is determined to make sure all slaves gain the same freedom across the land. Tristen doesn't have time for this or her, but he might need to make time or he could lose it all.

Single Novels


Aiden Romany is the first in a series about the Romany siblings. Each sibling was written by a different author. Be sure to check them all out! Three are currently published.

As the oldest of nine siblings, Aiden was their self-appointed protector. All that changed in a shocking moment when their 'guardian' banished them from their childhood home and forbid any contact. His family betrayed him by letting it happen, but by not fighting to keep them together, his betrayal was far worse. With no destination in mind or skills beyond that of his array of weapons, he travels as a warrior for hire and works for anyone willing to pay. His ultimate goal is to attain the skills needed to kill their guardian and bring together his banished family. This alone will redeem his betrayal, but will the path he chose cost him his very soul? 

Lil' Sherwood

Did you ever have the capability to destroy a world simply because you knew it existed? Or perhaps you’ve had to choose between your family in one world or your very survival in another? These were the matters that I had to deal with when I fell into and lived in Little Sherwood. It was then that I discovered a new world with limitless possibilities and a life I had lived but never knew existed. I have memories, abilities, and feelings from this unknown life and the only thing I brought with me is the one way to destroy Robin Hood. I don’t know the answers anymore. There are no guarantees in this life, always has no meaning to me, and perhaps far worse, my head and my heart are becoming entwined in Lil’ Sherwood. My name is both Kristy and Leia and this is my story.

Taldek's Heroic Tales

The Taldek Heroic Tales are a collection of adventurous stories of three heroes in the fantasy country of Taldek as they fight to save their country and friends from spies, warring kingdoms, and dragons. Caleb will betray a friend to save the girl from the conniving count and his country from destruction. Jamie will buck the status quo to save a dragon she believes in, even when only one will stand by her side. Elizabeth is the only one available to go to Dragon Valley and save not only them, but her own home as well, at least, as long as that man doesn't get in her way. Follow Caleb, Jamie, and Elizabeth as their personal adventure becomes your own and proving that anyone can be the star of their own story.

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