The Gaurdian Star's True Captain

Enjoy chapter 3!

Chapter 3

Baby Threats

A month, and many late nights snacks, later Dabria and Salena were again up after they were suppose to be. It wasn’t late enough for their usual late night snack and this time they weren’t headed to the kitchen at all. The two girls made their way instead to the door of Kiliki’s room. They paused outside when they heard voices.

“I don’t get it. He’s going to drive me mad,” Emalia’s voice came through the slightly opened door.

“You have me. I don’t know what his problem is. You’d think he’d have done something by now!” Kiliki responded, obviously frustrated.

“What is he waiting for? A jeweled invitation?” Emalia asked.

“No, but it probably wouldn’t hurt,” Kiliki’s voice responded.

Emalia groaned as Dabria pushed open the door and entered the room with Salena behind her.

“What you talking about? Is it Evyn?” Dabria asked.

Kiliki and Emalia looked at the two girls in surprise. Emalia turned in her seat by the fireplace to look up at Kiliki who stood on her right. “We need thicker walls.”

“No, you need better doors. Closing them wouldn’t hurt either,” Dabria responded helpfully.

Kiliki groaned. “Why are you two still up?”

“You said we could spend time together just the four of us,” Dabria pointed out.

Kiliki gave her sister an amused look. “We spent all day together a little bit ago. Or do you not remember going to the lake with the horses and a picnic lunch?”

Dabria shook her head no, but answered, “That was before. We want to do something together again.”

“And what to you propose to do at bed time?” Kiliki asked, definitely amused now.

Dabria looked around the room seriously, before turning back to Salena. “You don’t look so good. Are you feeling okay?”

“I’m tired, Bree. We’ve been playing with Tadi all day.”

“What have the three of you been up too?” Emalia asked, rising to stand next to Kiliki.

Both girls assumed innocent expressions. “Absolutely nothing.”

“That usually means absolutely the opposite,” Kiliki observed.

“You really do look sick, Salena,” Dabria said importantly. She saw Kiliki shoot Emalia a knowing look, but she ignored her older sister. She looked around the room again. “You shouldn’t be standing up. You’re too weak.” Suddenly, she marched over to the bed and yanked down the covers. “Bed. You need to rest.”

“But Dabria, I’m…”

“Bed,” Dabria commanded in a ‘don’t you dare argue with me’ voice.

Salena meekly followed her orders and climbed into Kiliki’s bed. Dabria carefully tucked her in.

“There, now don’t you feel better?”

“Oh, much,” Salena answered from underneath the covers.

“And, um, now what do you propose, Dabria?” Emalia asked, barely holding back her laughter.

“I guess if Salena’s going to bed, so should I,” Dabria’s voice held disappointment. She turned to the door and immediately turned back again. Kiliki simply gave her a look. “I’m too scared to sleep in my own room without Salena,” she announced.

“Dabria, you have always slept in your own room by yourself,” Kiliki pointed out.

“But this is a strange house. Something might happen. Besides, Salena’s too scared to sleep without me too, right, Salena?” Dabria asked, turning to her friend.

Salena nodded her head. “Oh, yes, Miss. Kiliki,” she said, looking at Kiliki. “Really I am.”

Emalia tried desperately to hide her laughter, but Kiliki didn’t bother. She laughed hard as she gasped out, “Don’t call me miss,” and watched Dabria climb into the bed next to Salena.

“That’s better,” Dabria said cheerfully from the bed.

Kiliki grinned at her. “And just where is everyone else suppose to sleep?”

“You and Emalia can sleep here too,” Dabria invited.

Emalia shook her head and Kiliki laughed again. “Dabria, Tommy sleeps with me.”

“What? Why?” Dabria asked.

Emalia lost it then. Kiliki groaned, but she replied to her sister, “Because that’s what you do when you’re married. You sleep together. Your mom and dad do that.”

Dabria thought for a minute. “Yes, but their old.”

Emalia had to sit down then and Kiliki took the chair opposite her, both in desperate attempts to catch their breath. That was when Tommy walked in on the scene. He surveyed the room with a glance, before his gaze finally rested on his gasping wife.

“Kiliki…” he said starting towards her.

She put up a hand to stop him and smiled. “It’s okay, Tommy. Really, I’m fine.”

He gave her a look and then glanced at the bed. “It seems there are too many people in there.”

“We are having a sleeping party,” Dabria informed him.

“Without the sleeping,” Tommy replied looking again at Kiliki. “You need to rest.”

She smiled at him. “I’m fine. I promise. They are just having some fun.”

“I can see that, but how many do you plan on sleeping in that bed? You are already carrying an extra one,” Tommy’s voice was light.

“What about us?” Dabria called, refusing to give up her well-earned spot in the bed.

Emalia had finally stopped laughing and now she stood up. “Anyone who can make it to my bed in the next thirty seconds can sleep there. Otherwise I am sure it will shrink to a size far too small.”

Her announcement was met with squeals and Dabria and Salena raced excitedly from the room. They could still hear all three adults laughing when they were halfway down the hallway.


After the pillow fight and three large glasses of milk, the three females were finally in bed and sleeping soundly. Not even the commotion from outside their door awakened them. Dabria finally bolted up when the door to the room crashed open and Tadi yelled loudly, “Miss Emalia! Miss Emalia!”

Both Emalia and Salena woke up quickly after that.

“What is it Tadi? What’s wrong?” Emalia asked, already climbing out of the messy bed.

“It’s Milady! She’s yelling something awful! I think she’s dying! And Milord, he’s furious and ranting too. Hurry, Miss Emalia, hurry!” Tadi urged still shouting.

“Tadi, calm down. Kiliki is giving birth. Is Aunt Jada up?” She waited for Tadi’s nod, then continued, already half way out the door, “Then go wake Alicia and get warm water and lots of clean cloths. And move, Tadi!”

The boy raced away as Dabria and Salena sprang out of the bed. Emalia called back to them, “Stay out of the way, girls!”

“Of course,” Dabria replied though Emalia couldn’t hear her. She turned to Salena. “As long as I’m in the room too. Come on!”

The girls sprinted down the hallway. They passed Evyn’s room on the way and could hear both Evyn and Captain Justin talking to someone. Dabria figured it must be Tommy, but she didn’t stop to find out. Her sister needed her.

The two girls entered the room quietly. Inside, Aunt Jada was trying to keep a cloth on Kiliki’s head and demanding she breathe. Emalia was down at the bottom of the bed arranging the bed sheets a different way. Kiliki was yelling at the top of her lungs.

“This is his fault! Where is he? I’m going to kill him!”

“Now Kiliki, he didn’t exactly do this all by himself. Breath, dear,” Aunt Jada reasoned.

“Oh, yes he did! This is all his fault! OUCH!” Kiliki screamed. She breathed hard for a minute than panted, “I am going to kill him for this. Never again!”

“Yes, yes. Breath,” Aunt Jada responded, placing a new cloth on her niece’s forehead.

“I’m serous, Aunt Jada. When I get out of this bed, I’m killing him!” Kiliki groaned, before her face scrunched up in pain.

Dabria watched in fascination, ready to go kill Tommy herself. At least, that’s who she figured Kiliki was so mad at.

“Of course, dear. But once you hold that little one in your arms, you will have done all the hard work and it won’t matter that it was Tommy’s fault,” Aunt Jada replied.

“Oh, yes it will! I’m doing the hard work and he gets off with nothing! This is his fault!” Kiliki yelled again as another wave of pain crossed her face.

“Aunt Jada, will you please stop trying to reason with her,” Emalia pleaded from the end of the bed.

Aunt Jada grinned. “But why? It’s so much fun.”

Emalia groaned loudly, just as Tadi came careening in. He dropped the bucket of water and cloths on the floor at the display in the room though.

“Tadi, out!” Dabria yelled, knowing he wasn’t supposed to be there.

“Oh, Tadi we needed those!” Emalia cried coming over. “Where is Alicia?”

“Um, coming I think. Can I go now?” Tadi asked quickly, keeping his eyes away from the bed where Kiliki was still yelling death threats at Tommy.

“Yes, but send in Alicia with new cloths and warm water.”

The boy moved out of the room faster than he had come in. Dabria was impressed.

“Argh! That hurt!” Kiliki complained.

“Contractions usually do, dear,” Aunt Jada responded.

Dabria crossed back over to the bed. So the painful things were called contractions. Dabria filled the word away for further use.

“Just wait till this kid comes out! I’m going to give him a piece of my mind!” Kiliki groaned.

Aunt Jada laughed. “Kiliki, dear, when you are holding that little one, nothing else will matter. And Tommy is going to be so proud of you both. I must admit I’m looking forward to seeing him hold his own son.”

“Oh, no! No way!” Kiliki spouted. “I’m doing all the hard work! And he gets to hold him? Not a chance! He can come push!”

“Oh, so now the baby is definitely a him?” Aunt Jada asked.

“He’s too much trouble to be a girl!” Kiliki cried out, just before another contraction hit.

Emalia and Aunt Jada laughed at that comment, but Dabria couldn’t figure out why the both glanced at her. She wasn’t any trouble.

“Um, when is the baby coming out?” Dabria whispered to Emalia.

Emalia looked at her in surprise. “I have no idea. I’ve never done this before. The doctor will have to tell you that.” Emalia gasped and looked at Aunt Jada. “The doctor? Did anyone send for the doctor?”

“Of course I sent for him! That was the first thing I did! Aradon should arrive with him at any moment. That’s why we decided to move back into town after all.”

“Ug. Well,” Kiliki ground out, “he had better get here soon.”

Dabria nodded her head and looked at Salena who agreed with her eyes wide.


“What is taking so long?” Tommy asked for what must have been the hundredth time in Justin’s estimation.

Evyn, who was being no help at all, laughed. “Panther, it’s only been about an hour. These things can take all night.”

Tommy stopped his rapid pacing. “All night? Do you hear her screaming in there? She’s in pain! She can’t last all night!”

“I believe she is yelling death threats at you. She’s fine,” Evyn remarked obviously quite amused at the thought.

Tommy glared at him and went back to pacing. “What if something goes wrong? What if something happens to the baby?”

“What if we get hit by a freak lighting storm and all get blown to another country?” Evyn put in.

Tommy shot him a second glare. “I can’t wait till this happens to you.”

“Oh, I can. Besides, I’m not even married yet,” Evyn said causally.

“Why aren’t you married yet?” Justin put in suddenly.

Both men turned to look at him. He was the only one seated in the room, choosing the edge of Evyn’s bed as his perch. Tommy was pacing the floor in front of the fireplace and Evyn was watching his movements with great enjoyment from his spot near the middle of the floor.

Evyn finally shrugged. “Not the right time.”

“When is it ever the right time for anything?” Justin asked.

“Sometimes it comes. I’ll be ready when it does,” Evyn promised. “Quite questioning me and help me torture Tommy some more.”

Justin threw a look at Tommy, who was currently looking steadily at the fire poker. “No thank you. I have had my life threatened too often by him.”

Evyn laughed, but Tommy said, “Wise choice.”

A commotion from the outside made Tommy rush to the door and yank it open with Evyn and Justin right behind him. The doctor stood in the hallway ready to enter Kiliki’s room. Aradon stood behind him.

“Doctor? How is she? Is everything okay? Will it take much longer?”

The doctor gave Tommy a long-suffering look. “I will know, Lord Brent, as soon as I actually see the mistress of the house.”

Evyn howled with laughter as Tommy nodded his head firmly and closed the door. Justin backed up to the bed and sat down again, warily keeping an eye on Tommy. He glanced at Evyn to see him almost on the floor.

“Evyn,” he called out in warning, when he saw Tommy pick up the fire poker and study it.

Evyn glanced up and took a step back. “Now, Panther, you have always had firm and calm emotions. Don’t do something you might regret.”

“I have no idea what you are muttering about, Evyn,” Tommy said, quite calmly.

Evyn shot him a distrustful look. “Sure.”

“Justin, do you remember what you should do to someone mutinies on the ship?” Tommy asked evenly.

“Well, usually you hang them from the yardarm. Though if they are your best friend, I hear, you can put them under the lowest person on the ship,” Justin replied, glancing between the two men.

“Very good, Justin,” Tommy replied.

“Tommy,” Evyn’s voice was warning, though Tommy seemed to take no notice of it.

“You can also have them challenge you for the right to rule the ship,” Tommy lectured.

“You mean a duel?” Justin asked.

Tommy nodded. “That’s right, and then the offended party is usually marooned somewhere with a single shot in his pistol. That way, when he starves, he always has the option to end it.”

“Tommy,” Evyn’s voice had gotten lower, as he watched his friend warily.

“Yes, Evyn?” Tommy finally asked, playing with the fire poker in his hand.

“What you doing?” Evyn questioned.

“Nothing at the moment,” Tommy replied, and then took a step forward to Evyn, who moved back slightly. “But sometimes, Justin, sometimes, a well placed threat with intent behind it can be just as effective.” Suddenly he turned and lightly threw the fire poker at the fireplace. It landed with a clang.

Justin let out the breath he was holding and Evyn straightened.

“What was that all about?” He demanded.

Tommy shrugged. “Just seemed appropriate.”

“I ought too…” but his voice trailed off when Tommy looked at him. Evyn sat down in a close by chair. “Never mind.”

~ What was that all about? ~ Justin wondered. But everyone seemed to be off in their own world and he didn’t dare ask.

The door to the room opened then and Sahen entered. He looked around the room slowly with an interested look. When his gaze crossed Justin’s, he ducked his head.

“Hmm, exactly what is going on in here?” Sahen asked, but no one in the room answered. “Tommy, I asked a question. Did you not hear me?”

“I heard you, Sahen, but you can plainly see nothing is happening,” Tommy answered.

“Tommy, I want a straight answer, please,” Sahen finally said.

“I dealt with the mutiny,” Tommy answered at last.

Sahen’s eyebrows rose and he turned to look at Evyn, who for once in his life didn’t say anything. Sahen looked at Justin next, but he closed his mouth more firmly. If Tommy and Evyn weren’t talking, he certainly wasn’t going too.

“It seems then that we have reached an impasse if no one will explain what is going on, I am obligated to figure it out on my own. Justin seems scared, Evyn is ashamed, and Tommy is in one very dark mood. With the reference to mutiny earlier, I would say that Evyn used his mouth in a less than Christian way and Tommy retaliated to regain control in a fashion Christ would not be proud of. Meanwhile, Justin watches two grown Christian men act like little five year-olds. Do I have it about right?”

The fire crackling in the fireplace was the only sound in the room. Justin stared at Sahen in absolute amazement.

Sahen laughed. “I see from Justin’s expression that I am correct in my assumptions.” He took a moment to glare at both Evyn and Tommy. “Now, you two listen well to what I say. Kiliki is in the other room giving birth to the firstborn son or daughter in the next generation of the Brent family and the two of you are in here fighting. The baby does not need this exciting story for his or her birth. The two of you ought to be ashamed. The Good Book tells us not only not to provoke one another to anger but also not to act out in anger either. Now then, I believe you both have something that needs to be done.” He looked between both men respectively.

“Come on now, act like grown men please,” Sahen finally protested.

“I was only trying to help,” Evyn finally muttered.

Shane raised an eyebrow at him. “Do tell us how, please.”

Evyn shrugged. “He was so angry he wasn’t upset about Kiliki anymore.”

“That’s not true,” Tommy said, from his spot on the chair. “I never stopped worrying about her, your attitude was just added to the list.”

“Fine, I’m sorry then, but you have to admit I distracted you even if it was only a little,” Evyn half apologized.

Tommy sent him a glare, but finally nodded. “Agreed. I’m sorry too.” Tommy glanced at Justin. “I’m sorry you had to witness this whole thing, Justin.”

“Why? It’s been interesting,” Justin admitted.

“But it was not how two Christian men should be acting even under stress. We should have been better examples,” Tommy explained.

Justin grinned. “So you are human.”

Tommy laughed humorlessly. “Yes, we are that.”

Sahen smiled at the group. “I’m glad that settled. Now, Tommy, you know God watches over the lilies of the field and the sparrows of the sky, why is it that you cannot trust him to watch over your Kiliki and newborn? They are much more valuable to him then either the lilies or the sparrows. Remember, He loves your Kiliki even more than you do.”

Tommy nodded with a small smile. “Yeah. It would be easier to remember if she wasn’t screaming in pain one room over.”

“Birth pains only. She won’t remember them once she holds her little child,” Sahen assured.

“I wonder if she’ll remember her death threats against you,” Evyn commented out loud.

Justin laughed and then covered his mouth quickly, but Tommy grinned at his friend.

“If she does, you can stand buffer.”

Evyn winced. “Ouch! No thanks! I’ll hold the kid at a safe distance for you.”

“I highly doubt the little one is in any danger whatsoever. You, Tommy, might be a different matter,” Sahen said thoughtfully.

“Why, thank you, Sahen. That is so helpful,” Tommy commented amused.

Justin looked at Sahen in surprise, but Sahen smiled and winked. Justin shook his head. ~ That baby has no idea what he or she is getting into! ~


“Thank you, God!” Dabria exclaimed when the doctor knocked and then entered the room.

The doctor smiled at her and glanced around the room. “We seem to be busy in here.”

“Doctor, you’re here!” Emalia said.

Aunt Jada looked up from her spot next to the furious Kiliki and smiled a welcome. “Doctor Orin, it is so good to see you. I have been wondering when you would arrive.”

“Hello, Jada,” Doctor Orin replied.

“Doctor, help me! Get this thing out!” Kiliki cried.

Aunt Jada put another cloth on her head. “Breathe, dear.”

“I am breathing! I can’t talk if I don’t breath!” Kiliki exclaimed.

“Yes, dear, but perhaps your concentration could be better spent pushing,” Aunt Jada said calmly.

“Doctor!” Kiliki groaned.

Doctor Orin laughed. “I’m going to examine you now, Kiliki. Emalia, could you help me, please?”

“Of course, Doctor,” Emalia said, stepping out of his way at the end of the bed.

Dabria watched in fascination and disgust as the doctor examined her sister. ~ Babies are an awful lot of trouble to get. They are cute afterwards, but this is just not worth it! ~

“Ow!” Kiliki grunted. “Make it stop!” She cried when she could breathe again.

“I wish I could, Sissy!” Dabria cried going to her sister’s side and grabbing onto her hand.

Kiliki managed to smile at her and squeezed her hand. “How much longer, Doctor?”

“You are almost fully dilated, Kiliki. I would say a half hour at most.”

“A what!” Kiliki gasped. “I’m not going to make it that long!”

“You will, Kiliki, just like every other mother,” the doctor said calmly.

“Can’t we do anything?” Emalia asked.

“It is really a waiting game until the baby decides it is time. When did you start having contractions?”

Kiliki thought about it for a moment and waited until a contraction passed before answering, “I was having contractions in the evening, but it wasn’t until after we went to bed that they started more regularly.”

The Doctor nodded. “Did you do anything that might have speeded up the process?”

Kiliki frowned. “I don’t think so.”

“We were laughing really hard when the girls came in,” Emalia put in.

Kiliki stared at her. “That’s right. The contractions started becoming more persistent after that.”

“Oops,” Dabria said guiltily, moving back to stand with Salena out of the way.

Aunt Jada laughed. “It’s not your fault, Dabria and Salena. The baby would have come tonight no matter what. But why didn’t you say something earlier, Kiliki?”

Kiliki shot her aunt a look. “And have Tommy up in arms all day? No thank you.”

The people in the room laughed. The doctor took a moment to describe his scene with Tommy outside the door and that caused another round of laughter.

“Poor Tommy,” Aunt Jada said with a fond smile.

“Poor Tommy?” Kiliki exclaimed. “All he has to do is worry and he shouldn’t even be doing that! He has the easy part…ohhhh,” Kiliki’s voice trailed off in a moan as her face screwed up in pain.

The doctor examined her again. “Kiliki, next time the contraction hits I want you to push. This baby is almost ready to be made known.”

“Well, it’s about time,” Kiliki panted. “This kid has been ignoring all my orders to get out!”

“Just shows how much she loves you,” Aunt Jada commented with a grin.

“She?” Dabria asked.

“I can’t decide if he is a boy or a girl, so I’m switching back and forth until I know,” Aunt Jada explained.

“Oh,” Dabria said, turning to Salena. “I guess that’s a good idea.”

Salena looked at her, eyes still wide, and shrugged. Dabria had the feeling Salena would agree to anything she said at the moment.

“ARGH!!!” Kiliki screamed.

“Push, Kiliki!” The doctor ordered.

“Hmph!” Kiliki pressed her lips together and scrunched her hands on the sheets as she tried.

“Breath, while you’re at it, dear,” Aunt Jada reminded her, wiping her face with a cool cloth when Kiliki relaxed for a moment.

“I don’t see you pushing,” Kiliki complained.

“Oh, no I have already been through it once and that was plenty. Besides, I had to watch Faye go through it as well.”

“You were with Tommy’s mother when she gave birth?” Emalia asked.

But she was interrupted when Kiliki began to heave again. The doctor gave orders and soon the contraction had passed. Aunt Jada continued as if there had been no interruption at all.

“Of course, Faye and I were the best of friends. I have missed her dearly. She didn’t have the easiest pregnancy or birth. This is quite a snap compared to that.”

“A snap! You think this is easy!” Kiliki ground out, staring at her aunt.

“Now, dear, I said comparatively. Births are never totally easy on the mommy. But as I mentioned earlier you’ll forget it all as soon as you hold your little boy.”

Dabria grinned at the switch in gender again, but Kiliki was less than amused.

“When I get out of this bed…” Kiliki screamed as the doctor yelled, “Push hard!”

A few seconds later, the doctor exclaimed, “He’s crowing!”

Dabria looked at Salena. “He’s wearing a crown? How’d she get that in there?”

Salena shook her head. “That can’t be what the doctor means. Can it?”

Aunt Jada laughed at them, apparently having heard the discussion. “Crowning means that the head of the baby is showing. It won’t be long now a few more pushes I think. Why don’t you have a look?”

“No thanks!” Both girls exclaimed.

Aunt Jada laughed, but she was quickly interrupted when Kiliki grasped her shoulder and squeezed hard enough for her knuckles to turn white.

“Ouch, Kiliki, dear, I am not as strong as you. I don’t mind being here, but sharing the actual pain is not something I had in mind.” Aunt Jada said as calmly as possible, while she focused on removing Kiliki’s death grip. She motioned to Dabria who slowly came over. Jada placed Kiliki’s hand in her sister’s and moved back slightly. “Now, you may squeeze as hard as you like,” she said cheerfully.

“A few more pushes, Kiliki. This little one is suddenly anxious to come out,” the doctor called.

A few more pushes seemed to take hours to Dabria, but she braved the pain in her hand and held onto her sister. Kiliki had threatened everyone in the room with a fate worse than death, including Evyn and Tommy, when the first ear splitting cry hit the room. All else went silent as the doctor ordered Emalia to get the clean clothes and scissors and the tiny infant cried for all to hear.

Kiliki gasped for breath as the pain subsided and she was able to focus again. She looked at Dabria questioningly, but Dabria could only shrug. She had heard the baby crying, but with the sudden slurry of activity, she didn’t have any clue what kind of baby it was.

“Doctor?” Kiliki whispered finally.

But it was Emalia, who stepped to her side a small bundle in her arms. “He’s a boy, Kiliki, a perfect boy.”

Dabria gasped and Kiliki had tears in her eyes and she let go of Dabria’s hand and reached for her son. He was wrapped in a black and purple blanket that Aunt Jada had made for the little one’s arrival. It covered him completely and Kiliki pulled back a corner to see his face.

Dabria leaned over to examine her new little nephew. He was the tiniest thing she had ever seen. His face was pudgy and his little nose was smaller than her smallest button. He had a mouth that didn’t seem to know how to close either. His little face was all scrunched like he’d been swimming too long as he continued to make sure everyone heard his voice. Kiliki made hushing noises and rocked him gently. Within moments, he had calmed down and looked up at his mother with startling blue eyes.

“He’s really cute,” Dabria declared suddenly.

Kiliki smiled at her fondly. “He’s perfect, isn’t he? You’re going to enjoy being an aunt. I can tell that already.”

Dabria grinned, already planning adventures with him.

Kiliki moved her finger up to stroke his little cheek. “You are so sweet, my little Jason. Welcome to our world.”

“Hi, Jason. I’m your Aunt Dabria,” Dabria paused. “That sounds weird.”

The adults laughed.

“Would you do your first auntly duty and go get Tommy?” Kiliki asked.

Dabria wrinkled her nose. “I don’t want to leave now that the screaming has stopped. But I guess if I have too. Are you sure you still don’t want to kill him?”

Kiliki laughed. “Not at the moment. But I’m still thinking of different ways to make him pay for all that pain I had to go through.”

“Kiliki, you are impossible,” Aunt Jada exclaimed.

Kiliki grinned. “No I’m not. Besides, I’m the one with Jason.”

Aunt Jada was still shaking her head when Dabria scampered out of the room and down the hallway. She knocked on Evyn’s bedroom door and opened it to find all four men standing up and giving each other instructions on swordplay. Sahen was the only one without a sword in his hands.

“Oh! You’re going to be in trouble! Just wait until Kiliki finds out what you are doing!” Dabria half taunted and half exclaimed.

“Is she okay? Has the baby been born?” Tommy asked, breaking away from the group.

Dabria nodded, keeping a suspicious eye on the sword in his hand.

“Yes to what?” Tommy asked, handing his sword over to Justin, but keeping his eyes on Dabria.

“Both. She wants to see you, but you are still in trouble!” Dabria had to call the last part out, because Tommy was already past her and down the hallway. Not about to miss a moment, Dabria followed quickly, with the other three men not far behind.

Inside the room again, Tommy moved to Kiliki’s side as everyone else got out of his way. He looked down at Kiliki for a moment, taking his own time examining her. She smiled up at him and then looked back to the bundle in her arms.

“Tommy, I want you to meet your son Jason.”

“Jason was born,” Tommy whispered, shifting his attention to the bundle and missing Kiliki’s affirming nod. He reached down a hand and touched Jason’s little face with his finger. Dabria went around the other side of the bed to see Jason tilt his head a tiny bit to look up at his father. “Hi, Jason.” He looked at Kiliki. “May I hold him?”

“No way,” Kiliki said with a tired grin.

“What?” Tommy asked.

“I do all the work and you reap the rewards? God needs a better system,” Kiliki complained.

“Are you going to hold out until He gets one?” Tommy asked, amused.

Kiliki snuggled further down into the bed. “I might.”

Tommy sat down on the bed next to her, and moved her chin so that she was looking directly at him, but he didn’t say a word.

“No fair. I hate it when you pull that,” Kiliki protested weakly.

A few seconds later, Jason was in Tommy’s arms. A small smile crossed Kiliki’s face and then her eyes slid closed as she snuggled next to her husband and baby.

“Okay, everyone out,” Aunt Jada whispered, making shooing motions towards the door.

“Yes, baby and mommy need rest now. They will both be just fine. Jada, I’ll give you some instructions outside,” the doctor said as he helped to shoo the watching audience away. Dabria tried to protest when Emalia caught her hand and led her out, but suddenly the girl found she was without strength. She had been up all night and now as the rays of sunrise hit the windows of the room, she suddenly found she was too exhausted to do anything but crawl into bed and dream about little baby boys.


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