Justin has moved to his own page!

Hello all!
Seeing as since I last posted eons ago, Justin has been finished, I am now providing him with his own page. There you will be able to check in on him and see his full story as I post it. Chapters 1-13 have already been moved and posted. I will be keeping the same format of posting once a week for the new chapter, although, since he is finished I might become impatient and post twice a week. You just never know! Check out his new link in the side bar!

Meanwhile, here, I will continue to update you one my writing and how things are going and where they are going. So, as of right now, I have begun two companion novelettes following the characters of Tristen and Conlan. They will be available in one book for any one who purchases both The Guardian Star's True Mark and The Guardian Star's True Captain. At this time, it is titled The Guardian's Star's Friends: Tristen's Time and Conlan's Choice.

I have also begun major work onto my next trilogy, The Liberty Series. This series follows James, a Redcoat, and Sarah, a patriot, during the Revolutionary War and puts the fun back into history. Featuring many cool characters you'll recognize, but with neat stories you've never heard before. This is a major undertaking for me, because unlike an of my other books, this is not a fantasy in a world I made up with whatever rules I want. This is real world and will include the real history, but hopefully with bits and pieces you have never heard before. The task here is to let Sarah and James show you, that while I believed for most of my life history is boring, I was wrong and history when presented the right way and telling about the cool things history books tend to leave out can be quite a bit of fun. I hope you will join me on this adventure.

Lastly, for those of you that once followed the Romany Epistles, you will be glad to know that after a massive chat today with the other authors, we are reigniting the flame for the series and putting it back on track! You will be able to look at our new character Facebook pages and soon there will be a main page for them all.You can already check out some of the character pages, including Aiden! Don't forget to use that like button!

Thanks for checking in and I look forward to joining you on these really cool adventures. We are about to have a blast!

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