Aiden has been published!!!

The wait is finally over!! It has been a long time in coming, but Aiden has been published!!
You may have notcied the long wait, yes? Well, see I had a daughter! Kensie Grace was born a year ago and she consumed all of life for the year. But she is doing awesome and I am fianlly back to be able to put out a whole new slew of books! Aiden is only the first! I have two more books and two ebooks that will be coming out soon as well. Two of which you already know, The Guardian Star series will be republished and the series will be finished with the addition of two new ebooks. For the first time, all four books will be coming soon! But in the meantime, Aiden is ready and waiting to entertain you in a world full of mythical creatures, war, romance, adventure, and fun. Come join him on his adventure to redeem himself to his family and bring them back together again!

As the oldest of nine siblings, Aiden was their self-appointed protector. All that changed in a shocking moment when their ‘guardian’ banished them from their childhood home and forbid any contact. His family betrayed him by letting it happen, but by not fighting to keep them together, his betrayal was far worse.  With no destination in mind or skills beyond that of his array of weapon, he travels as a warrior for hire and works for anyone willing to pay. His ultimate goal is to attain the skills needed to kill their guardian and bring together his banished family. This alone will redeem his betrayal, but will the path he chose cost him his very soul?

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I hope you enjoy Aiden's story!! Don't forget to let me know what you think of it here or on my Facebook page! And don't forget to check out the rest of the Romany series! Each book was written by a different author. You can also check out each siblings Facebook page and keep up with Aiden from his own Facebook page.