It is officially finished! Lil Sherwood my first written book has now been published and is available for your very own purchase! You don't want to miss this fun fantasy adventure!

Listen to the main character thinks about her story.

Did you ever have the capability to destroy a world simply because you knew it existed? Or perhaps you’ve had to choose between your family in one world or your very survival in another? These were the matters that I had to deal with when I fell into and lived in Little Sherwood. It was then that I discovered a new world with limitless possibilities and a life I had lived but never knew existed. I have memories, abilities, and feelings from this unknown life and the only thing I brought with me is the one way to destroy Robin Hood. I don’t know the answers anymore. There are no guarantees in this life, always has no meaning to me, and perhaps far worse, my head and my heart are becoming entwined in Lil’ Sherwood. My name is both Kristy and Leia and this is my story.

You can own it today! Simply push on the Charissa Taylor's Story link in the right hand column!
Happy Reading!!

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