Summer Movies Must Sees

Being over in Iraq for so long, I'm eager to get back into the movie scene and this summer promises to be a hot one, especially if you're into the hot shot, superhero movies. I've been looking forward to most of these for a while and I'm please to say the trailers are producing an exciting momentum. Based on some past superhero and sequel movies, I was understandably concerned. Of course, final analysis will have to be saved until after the full movie viewing, but for now, let's check out some of those Top Ten trailers!

It is my opinion that May cannot get here fast enough with 4 on my must see list.

Iron Man has a release date of May 2nd to start the month off with a bang and Tony Stark (Robert Downy Jr.) seems poised to deliver. The trailer shows a fast, fun, and witty super hero movie that promises to deliver on the lines as much as it does the action. Iron Man has never been a huge favorite of mine, but if Downy Jr. can pull this off, it just might start to rate up there. This is one I'll be keeping an eye on.

Speed Racer slips into the next available slot (5/9). The duo from the Matrix may be behind this movie, but the style is altogether different. Your head is still spinning at top speed after getting a look at the extreme action in this live action version of the much loved anime. Anime's are always tricky to move onto the big screen, so this will be an interesting sell. The trailer shows so much heightened action, but the only actor looking to get the job done seems to be Speed himself. Don't go to see this one for the seriousness of the storyline, but if your looking for something fast and fun, Speed Racer is ready on the track.

Prince Caspian is second in The Chronicles of Narina series and third to be released in May (16th). This trailer leaves you gasping for more. The visuals alone are stunning, but of course Narina doesn't stop there. Again, this movie adapts well and stays on track with C.S. Lewis' book, just as its predecessor The Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe did. The young actors from the previous film are also back, which lends to the timeless realism and they again do an amazing job, adding Caspian to their force. This one is sure to be another classic that you are not going to want to miss. Make sure you get there early so you can go back again and see it more than once!

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull pulls my final vote for a May (5/22) must see. If Harrison Ford is in go see it no matter what! Also appearing is the up and coming star from Transformers Shea LaBeouf, who is added as Indy's son, named only Mutt. Obviously, Indy's wit and winsome personality will not be lacking from this newest installment. The trailer promises the fun action scenes that are so well loved will be abundant as well. I'm falling for Indy all over again!

The Incredible Hulk starts of June's attempt to catch up to May's blockbusters. The Hulk was not known for his great start the last time he made his way to the big screen. Hopefully, this movie will do better. The trailer does seem to have a better story line, which the original was lacking, but how much better is not to be seen. Edward Norton, takes on the role of Bruce Bannner and from what can be seen in the trailer does a good job of making the Hulk more than just a ravaging monster. The question is, will it be enough? I'm holding off judgment, but still looking forward to seeing this movie's release.

Wall - E is Pixar's next big hopeful hit. It seems to have a lot of the fun elements that we all have come to expect from Pixar and the storyline is definitely different from the normal. The little robot star is enough to keep anyone entertained for the whole movie and laughing after it is over. This one should be fun to watch and knowing Pixar will have as much for the adults as the kids.

Wanted proves the last powerhouse for June. Starring Angelina Jolie back in an action film, most guys will go simply for that! Morgan Freeman staring adds a new dimension as well. Still this movie looks to have some added spice with fun dialog, an interesting storyline, and high flying butt kicking action. Probably not for the intense thought provoking movie going, but for an action flick with high flying fun, this looks like one to see.

The best for last!
The Dark Knight is easily the most highly anticipated movie of the summer and not just because it deals with Batman, although that will catch most anyone's eye. This movie has much more than the average Batman movie going for it. Action and art for this movie have surrendered nothing, adding very effectivly to the overall effect of Gotham City and its story. The story will be the most interesting part of The Dark Knight, seeing how well it sticks to the original and mow much it needs to branch off. But based on Batman Begins, I have high hopes we are in for a real treat of superhero legend. Christian Bale again handle's both Bruce Wayne and Batman as if he truly were both, balancing the identity with the truth in a superb manor. Yet it is Heath Ledger who is the star of this movie. His unfortunate and sad death lead to unrivaled search for his name and the Joker on Yahoo's search engine. His new version of the Joker is being hailed as brilliant by those lucky enough to have watched more than just the trailer a hundred times over. Together, the two power houses have created a must see event that will have everyone clamoring to go again and again and buy the first edition and any special editions on DVD that come out.

So, what is your opinion on the upcoming summer movies? Let me know and I'll see you at the movies!

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