Boxing Gloves On! Batman vs Iron Man


It seems the drama surrounding THE DARK KNIGHT will never cease! It is amazing to me that after so much time, this movie continues to make headlines beyond that of every predictability. Of course, only so much has to do with the movie itself, which is an astounding feature. I was immensely pleased to see that it lived up to every part of its hype. Both characters and action were of the highest quality and I was greatly relieved that one was not sacrificed for the other.
That this movie has risen so high in the stratosphere of influence for movies, really should not be a huge surprise, though I know that is passing so many great movies in ticket sales it certainly was at first. Now, it ranks among the three highest selling movies ever. Of course, this is in terms of money and not tickets due to all our lovely inflation. However, the accomplishment is no less significant.
And then there were the allegations against Christian Bale being accused by his step-mother and sister that he hit them. My first reaction to this news, was it came at a rather convenient time for them as Dark Knight was so huge and still climbing in its sales. (Only just recently having been surpassed by Tropic Thunder, of all movies, as the weekly number one box office seller.) That nothing came of this little accusation number was no surprise to me and I doubt to anyone else.
Still, I think the greatest amusement to me of all, is the current headliner on Yahoo's front page. I'm sure you've seen it. It's the one about Robert Downy Jr. or should I say "Iron Man" trashing The Dark Knight. I must confess that when I was finished reading his comment, I was laughing out loud. I'm guessing in all the mumbo jumbo he spouted that he did have a point? Or was it that his comment was more confusing than the movie he was trying so hard to blast? Granted, The Dark Knight was a complicated movie and required one to pay attention to detail, but then the Dark Knight's history requires that itself. Is perhaps Tony Stark feeling a little jealous that Iron Man didn't do quite was well? No matter what his personal feeling on the matter, Robert Downey Jr. is now an icon and a representative of the superhero Iron Man, just as Christian Bale is for Batman and that should bear some weight on the type of language he uses. Despite the accusations against Christian Bale, he handled himself very well, the same can't be said for Downey Jr. Come on, guys, you are now literal superheros to thousands of teens and kids. Is it too much to ask that you act like it? I think not, although with Tony Stark's reputation...
One last heads up to Jr. The two movies had a very, very different flare to them. Iron Man had more laugh out loud moments and The Dark Knight had more in your face moments, but then isn't that how the two comics are betrayed? I won't go into which is better, DC or Marvel, I have my issues and loves for both. But I will say this, Jr., should The Dark Knight and Iron Man go up against each other... well, we already know who will win in the movies.


movie junkie said...

it's funny that Robert Downey Jr. said the Dark Knight is too sophisticated when he has such a sophisticated vibe himself

Charissa Taylor said...

Great point!! That would seem to give him a very little opinion of movie goers!

Cool Iron Man costume said...

Dark knight was rather long, its almost like a movie novel. I like it cuz it satisfy a fan boy's fantasy like mine and basically covers all the bases, shows all the details of the story in awesome motion picture.

But I think Iron Man was a better movie in a movie sense in that it was shorter, has a lot of flare, fast paced, and ends before you're satisfied. Its like a good meal, always serve a little less than what you can eat, or else it wont feel like it was an amazing meal when you're full!