Series TV Premiers Are FINALLY Here!


It's time to go back to school for all the children of the world and its time for the rest of us to see what's new on the tube this season. Series premiers have finally launched. I watched my first one last night, Bones on Fox. It was pretty good, though it's the first time I've really watched the show and for a first timer it didn't do a good job of reintroducing the series for me. But there are many more to come!

Here is a list of shows of I'll be keeping an eye on:






Sarah Connor Chronicles (Fox)

Heroes (NBC, 9/22)



NCIS (CBS, 9/23)

The Mentalist (CBS, 9/23)

Fringe (Fox 9/9)

Without A Trace (CBS, 9/23)


Bones (Fox)

Knight Rider (NBC, 9/24)

Criminal Minds (CBS, 9/24)



Smallville (CW, 9/18)

Supernatural (CW, 9/18)

Eleventh Hour (CBS, 10/9)

ER (NBC, 9/25)


Crusoe (NBC, 10/17)


Numb3rs (CBS)



Knight Rider (encore)


Note: Those without a date premiered this week.

Other fan favorites such as Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Better, One Tree Hill, CSI, CSI:NY, CSI: Miami, House, and Prison Break have also returned, although some have claimed a new timeslot. It promises to be an interesting season this year, which will be a relief for some of our lackluster seasons in the past. I am personally looking forward to it, as I spent all of last season in the country of Iraq and missed out on my favorite series, Heroes, Nubm3rs, and NCIS. This season is also important to fans due to the writer's strike of last year that cut so many series very short.

Many series last year ended shortly and some with surprises that left us rather unhappy, such as our favorite NSIC team being completely slit up. How will Gibbs bring his team back? I don't know, but he had better! Then there was Nathan being shot on Heroes. Why can't Peter save him with his own blood? Wild guess, but I think we'll find out. And which of our favorite heroes will turn villain? Greg Gungburg, Matt, said he hopes his character will! Clark is lost on Smallville and the Green Arrow and friends are setting out on a mission to find the Superman. Cameron is the one might be gone on Sarah Conner Chronicles and John, Derrick, and John are facing new problems, including whatever is happing with a certain FBI agent. Numb3rs has Charlie's career with the FBI in jeopardy and Megan gone replaced by an adrenaline cruising Nikki. Criminal Minds left an explosive impression last season and we can finally found out who was in it. One privileged viewer who has seen it said he had tears in his eyes after an emotion goodbye! ER is one to watch if only because it is the final season and we will say goodbye to this long time running show. While I personally, had given up on ER, I'll be tuned in to see this final season. All of these shows have their own unique flavor that draws you in and keeps it coming all season long. I am especially into shows that focus on characters and a special nod to NCIS and Numb3rs, who do an exceptional job on that.

There are also some new shows that seem they will make the cut. I'm hoping that The Mentalist will have the wit of NCIS and the quality of its genre proven shows with a little twist. It seems it will at least be interesting. The Fringe is using a sci-fi itch not often used and playing the huge card of being created by Transformer's producer and in the vane of X-Files. It certainly had an interesting preview, but I'm holding off judgment as of yet. Knight Rider comes from a well loved tradition for a new generation. If it lives up to the original, it will do very well. It is the one show with an encore date, so if you can't make one night, the second is available! I couldn't really get being the book Robinson Crusoe, although my brother loved it. However, the show, Crusoe, promises to keep to the book and bring it to life. I'll be watching as much for the educational value in literature as for the entertainment value. Hopefully, this one will do well for its 13 week run. If you can't get the kids to read the book, at least get them to watch this!

There are my 2008-2009 season picks! How do they measure up to yours? Whatever your favorite show, I hope it lives up to expectations this year and you enjoy!


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