CBS’s Own Criminal Ally

Many of us don't actually look at the Television ratings. After all, as long as our favorite show is still on, who really cares, besides those that are making the money? Still, there are some of us dedicated fans who want to see how the score is running against our shows and it is usually interesting to see what type of shows are making it big.

Of course, if you're at CBS, it is no mystery. CBS seems to have farmed out its own little niche for crime shows that beat out all competitors. Even their newest show, The Mentalist, is determined to crush the competition and doing quite well at it. To the American people today there is something very satisfying in knowing at the end of the procedural drama we are going to win, according to Shane Brennan, executive producer at NCIS (quoted in Entertainment Weekly). It is a winning formula when we know the bad guy will be caught and during the procedure we get to look into the agents lives and enjoy a life that's not our own. What more could one ask for?

Not much according to the ratings. NCIS, The Mentalist, CSI, Numb3rs, and Criminal Minds are trouncing their competition and it doesn't seem to matter the popularity of the show they are up against. Other shows that use to perform well, such as Heroes, Pushing Daises, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Prison Break, and The Sarah Connor Chronicles (from Fox, NBC and ABC) are all falling behind in performance. Speculation is that it has to do with the writer's strike. CBS was quick to finish out their seasons with good finales, while others didn't bother. Now it may be hurting them.

Whatever the reason, CBS has made itself the Crime Broadcasting System and it is doing extremely well.

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