Zac Efron: Can He Make It?

High School Musical fever seems to never stop raging. With the upcoming premier, fans everywhere are anxious to see this Disney phenomenon hit the big screen. It seems this show franchise only has to options: love it or hate and more and more are getting into the 'love it' boat.

The first one hit the waves with an unexpected riptide and no one could slow down it's force. HSM2 wasn't quite as lucky, but still added to the seeming adventure. Though while the first was a musical the second seemed more to be a music video with lines inserted between. Hopefully, senior year will be better. Let's face it most of the teens aren't going to see the show as much as to gaze longingly at the stars such as Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Corbin Bleu, and Ashley Tisdale. The first of whom was the subject of Entertainment Weekly's Photo Showcase.

It was a rather impressive article for a Disney child star trying to transition into the adult world of actors and actresses. Not an easy task for any child star, yet Zac unlike some of his other co-stars, just might have the ability to do so. He pulled of a non-Disney performance for Hairspray gathering more fans and he's failed to fall into the trap of going into the music biz just cuz its offered. His actions showing deep thought for what he can and can't do best.

Getting the advice of others is never a bad idea and Efron wants to pick the brains of the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp, saying, "They do it because they love it, not because they enjoy being famous. You have to have good foresight and be really careful. If you don't adapt and learn at a very young age, you can really mess up." Well thought out, but can he follow it?

Disney stars have a long track record of ups and downs and some fall rather far, Brittany Spears, anyone? Still, that doesn't have to be the norm. It would be nice to see Zac Efron be the exception. One who keeps morals in mind and can still act in movies that cover the wide range of entertainment. Efron is going to be a model for teens for a very long time and after that, perhaps for adults? Who knows, being compared to Cary Grant and Brad Pitt, expectations are high, but he just might do it.

Do you think Zac Efron has what it takes? Do any of his cohorts? Whose chances are best?

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