Natural Talent

            Writing has always been a natural thing for me. Everyone suffers from writing block and saying what you want in just that right way. But for the most part, when I sit at the computer, I have a general idea of where I want it to go, though I have no idea how I will get there. I'll put my fingers on the keys and suddenly they move, words forming on the screen and in my mind simultaneously. I can only call it a God thing. For often, I will look back at what has been written and marvel that it came from my mind. I love that feeling. The surprise of knowing God helped you to write a section and it was simply natural. A talent. One I am grateful for.
             Sometimes, it isn't always that easy, but in a good way. Sometimes characters take over the story and no matter what you do, they will not be tamed. It means they are real and believable. But when you are writing a scene and simply watching it flow, it can be annoying when a character takes a left turn instead of a right. Very annoying. Yet, even that is natural, because your character is only following the nature you gave him or her. It keeps the story fun for the reader later and for the author it keeps the story interesting to write.
I remember thinking as a kid, watching my younger brother do such amazing things, that God had simply forgotten to give me a talent. That He had skipped me in favor of Jonathan. I remember being upset, and yet proud that JD was so impressive. Still, it made me wonder, since JD was obviously going to do so well, what was there left for me? Even through college I struggled constantly with the thought that I was studying the wrong thing, or doing the wrong thing, simply because what I tried to do, what I thought my talents were didn't seem to be right.
            I remember our Disneyworld trip and everyone was in the hotel room, having a very grand and loud time. I sat on the couch quietly typing as fast as I could as the story flowed once more from my fingers onto the screen. I barely remember thinking the words before I saw them before me. My mom asked what I was doing and I frowned, confused, since I thought it was obvious. I said, "writing." Her face was comical as she replied in awe, "In this noise? That's amazing." I have to honestly say, that was the first time I had thought of it that way. It was so natural to tune out my siblings and to fall into the world of writing allowing it to flow from me. For the first time, I realized it was a talent. It meant God hadn't skipped me. It would still be a long time before my first book would be published. But I'd always remember that moment. Writing too is a talent and it can be used for God just as much as any other talent, even the more genius and recognizable ones. I can honestly say I took that talent for granted when I didn't realize what a gift it is to be able to write as if it is second nature.
            Take a moment and think about it. Even if your talent isn't obvious, or flashy, it's there. God designed you with a gift and talent that He wants you to use for Him. What is your talent? What comes so naturally you just don't think about it?
            I love my ability to write and fall into stories where whole worlds open up for me. I love exploring them and meeting the characters. I'm privileged to be able to take you with me. And I hope that while I marvel at the pure joy of watching the words form in front of me, you too will enjoy reading the stories I tell. And through these stories, may we both give God glory.
            Share with me what your talent is and how you are using it for God's glory. Remember, He did give you one and He wants you to use it.

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