It's time to start the new series! Okay, technically, I started earlier. But I am still in the beginning steps and it can be frustrating to know how far there is go to. You have this grand idea for a book, or three in my case, and while the end goal is exciting, it is far way and at times can seem impossible to attain. So, how do you reach this lofty goal without quitting on the way? I have two answers.
         The first would be to not go it alone. Find someone who is honest and you trust that can give you both encouragement and constructive criticism. When you are feeling down about the story or have no idea what comes next that person will become invaluable.
         The second is to set short term goals. Yes, the book is a huge goal and it takes a whole lot to accomplish it. Look at what you need to complete your task. Characters, outline, plot, scenes, word count, chapters, ect.  all are part of the story process. But take it one at a time. Choose characters or the outline, focus on that until you know your characters well and know the general outline that you will follow. Make that your first goal. Then, instead of trying to finish your whole book, finish one chapter, or even one page and the next day set the same goal. Set apart a time each day that is your writing time. Nothing interferes with that time. You might spend the whole time writing or you might not write a single word, but you've gotten to know your characters better or maybe you figured out a scene that will come later. All of that is still part of the writing process.
           Remember, writing a book is a great goal and if you work at it, completely achievable. It is a lot of fun to write and it is hard work. Listen to the person you've chosen to help and keep those short term goals! In the end, you'll have a book to be proud of!

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