Editing is a not a new process, however, I happen to think it is the bane of a writer's process. The stack of papers sitting there with a whole bunch of little marks on it saying what is wrong is just depressing. It mocks you since you know it has to be done, but there is writing that would be so much more fun to do! And yet, the silver lining is that when finished the refining will produce a product that you are proud to call your own. It is necessary for grammar purposes of course, but also necessary for the story itself. This is where others find the gaps in your plot line, or a character that didn't sound right to them, too much or little description, or perhaps you have to much repetition. Try not to get depressed with all the corrections you need to make though. Remember, each one is going to help. It doesn't mean that your story isn't good, only needs to be tightened. And once your finished with that, as much of a pain as it is, you'll be proud.

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