Life vs Writing

Why is it that life and writing time never seem to co-exist? Wouldn't it be nice if at the exact moment you had a great writing idea you also had all the time you needed to sit and write it down or vice versa? Sigh. It rarely happens that way. If you honestly want to write, you have to make time and that has to be prioritized. for instance, I have been promising myself for weeks now that I would get moving on my Liberty Series. However, writing time as been preoccupied with a VBS drama script. Then of course, there is the life part where a certain brother of mine is getting married next Saturday. Wedding plans take priority over writing too. And let's not forget I am in charge of three major training sessions at the youth center, for which I need power points that actually fit the screen, hand out notes, and of course to update all the material, writing time that bumps VBS back, and I can't even see the Liberty Series now.
I mean, with all this going on at the same time, why do things in stages, writing for fun ends up taking a back stance to everything else. Kevin J. Anderson would not be pleased. He'd tell me to get up earlier. Ha. Like that's going to happen. I need more dedication on top of time. One of these days, I'll get paid for the writing and them I'll have deadlines and stuff like that and it will be an actual job instead of a hobby I love, but if I can't find the time I need now, when am I going to get it then? Especially after kids come.... eventually. Maybe I do need to get up earlier..... On the plus side, the VBS script is done now.

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