Liberty's Choice

          So, the new series I'm working on is called the Liberty's Series and it starts with Liberty's Choice. Believe it or not, the other two books are already named too. This is a very unusual trilogy for me to write for two different reasons. One, its a trilogy. Never done one of those before. And two, the bigger reason, is that it is a historical fiction. I write fantasy. It's FAR easier. You get to make up all the rules, the timelines, the places, invent whatever you want and delete whatever you don't feel like dealing with. Not so with historical fiction. Everything is already laid out for me and I have to fit into its described box. Phooey.
           It is kinda nice having a timeline already done, except that I have two squish a quite a few years into three books. I just need to insert my own characters into that timeline. I also need to find things that are not in the books before to include, since the Revolutionary War as been done before numerous times. I'm finding the little stories that really ought to have been included in my own school history books, because let's face it I might have actually paid attention then, and putting them into my story.
          I know my mother is highly amused that the girl who would only study Anceint history and Indian history is now writing about American history. I blame the history books. Now, let me watch "1776" and we might have seen things a different way back then. As it was, it took a while to find any type of love, if I dare call it that, for my own country's history. Hmm, serving in her army might have helped too. Just saying.
          Anyway, so here I am working my way through the First Continental Congress and finding my self on page 51 already. I might need to hurry this up, as I still have to get through Lexington and Concord, a few other battles, and all of the Second Continental Congress just to end the first book.
          Not to mention that at some point, Sarah and James, my two stars on opposite sides of the war (oh, come on, being on the same side is just no fun), need to actual have a couple conversations and have some romantic tensions going on. Considering, Sarah hates James at the moment, tension is working just fine, romantic ain't happening, but I got two books left for that. I just need them to actually see each other, and I'm beginning to realize most of book one will be spent apart. Oh bother. On the bright side, every time James does enter the scene it takes him all of two seconds and one look to get under Sarah's prim and proper skin. It makes an impression to remember during their time apart, but it's so much more fun to write them together. Might have to figure out a way to make that happen a little better. Hmmm. The problems, I mean joys, of writing.
          Ah well, I guess musing time is over. I need to go work on finances before I can get back to the fun of writing myself out of Congress. One last ball and then I am moving everyone back to Boston. And in my humble opinion, James had better have his butt there and be ready to cooperate. Sarah can be frustrated with him, but its rather annoying when I'm frustrated with him too, simply because he wants to do things his own way and not mine. Funny, how I look forward to writing those.

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