It's can be really hard to publish. Just when you think everything is lined up and ready to go, some new problem surfaces. For instance, your books show up at your door and the covers are blurry, or something is hidden in your file somewhere that is corrupting it for some markets, or who knows what other little detail. And all you can do is sigh, say it can be fixed, and move on. Knowing that eventually, even if it isn't when you hoped, things will get published. They will all be ready to go and it will all be okay. Well, the publishing part, after that it is the anxious wait for someone to buy and review the book. But that's after publishing, no one will review diddly-squat if you don't get them published. So, one step at a time.
Guardian Star's True Mark and True Captain are published and done! They will both be available on Amazon in about one week and about a week or two later, everywhere else. I am re-uploading Conlan and Tristen yet again and hoping that this time it sticks. While all four are available at Smashwords, in ebook pre-release form, I am holding off my celebration until they are available in all formats everywhere, which hopefully, will be by the end of the month, as promised. But this is after a month long delay. So, a cautious "Yeah!" perhaps? LOL the joys of publishing, as I said! Anyway, I needed to vent my delayed excitement and this is my forum to do so. I feel so much better now! Okay, back to Tristen! See you all on the other side of publishing real soon!

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